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By Frances Verter, PhD

Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation sends our warm regards to Royan Stem Cell Technology on the occasion of World Cord Blood Day. Representatives from both of our organizations were able to meet in person this year during a conference in Dubai.
 In the summer of 2023, our team published a research article as well as a newsletter article pointing out that that during the Coronavirus pandemic, research centers in Iran were #3 in the world for running clinical trials of cell therapy against COVID-19.

In August 2023, we published a newsletter article about the importance of cord blood transplants for treating the two blood diseases known as Sickle Cell Anemia and Thalassemia. In Iran, Thalassemia is the most common hereditary disease (ref 2013, ref 2020). Many of the cord blood units released for treatment in Iran have gone to children with severe cases of Thalassemia, such as the boy named Mojtaba who was saved by his baby sister’s cord blood. An international commission of medical doctors published a report on the status of treating Sickle Cell Disease worldwide in July 2023. One of the action items from their report was a call for more countries to establish stem cell transplant programs. The development of treatment programs that employ stem cells is an area where Iran has been one of the most active medical communities in the middle east.  

Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation maintains close ties with Royan Stem Cell Technology because Royan is the leading provider of cord blood storage and cord blood therapies in Iran. May we continue to work together towards a future of health and peace for all.

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