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Even though you are a celebrity in the cord blood community, the day to day reality is that you are a regular guy trying to make ends meet and raise a family. Do you have any advice for transplant survivors trying to find a "new normal"?

I've been very blessed that I haven't had long-term side effects from my cord blood transplant. Since I was so young when I had my transplant, living with that is all I ever knew. I was just a kid that wanted to play and get dirty and be like the other kids. After my transplant it took me a while to learn that it was OK to get dirty. So my advice would have to be that it is going to take time to adjust and to not dwell on the bad parts of the process. It is easy to ask "Oh, why me?" and I am sad that many of my friends have passed away. It took me a much longer time to realize that I had to focus on the future and really start living. G-d kept me here for a reason.
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