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According to public relation, Dr.Morteza Zarrabi, Managing Director of Royan Stem Cell Technology Company (RSCT), through a media meeting held this Monday stated that amniotic membrane product development is among the plans we have already had under the way.

Remarking this fact that stem cells knowledge is customized in our country including more than four categories, he stated:” stem cells colleting from various resources, differentiating the stem cells into other form of specific cells such as heart, nerve systems and so forth, stem cells applications in different malignancies originated in blood or other reasons and cryopreserving the stem cells for more than 20 to 30 years are among such achievements.

Stating this fact that Iran is among the first 5 top countries enjoying the knowledge of stem cells, Dr.Zarrabi added: “Preventing stem cells throwing away and cryopreserving and exporting them can lead to financial exchange for country.”

“There are more than 180,000 units cryopreserved with RSCT which first and the biggest stem cells capability in the Middle East.” he continued saying that there are about 35 samples cryopreserved with RSCT dispatched from Bushehr province.

Having launched the blood donation bank in Bushehr in 2018, about 1500 cord blood stem cells units have been cryopreserved with private sector of RSCT.

Manager of Royan Stem Cell Technology Company added that an average of 30 cord blood samples is stored at RSCT monthly; however, this rate can find an increasing trend in the whole province.

He also stated that RSCT has got its offices and branches all around the country and two more in Iraq and Oman which cause an increasing rate in cord blood collection procedure.

Dr.Zarrabi. as a member of Royan Scientific Board, considered Iran as the biggest Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank in the Middle East, pointing the units cryopreserved with RSCT from other countries such as Turkey, Romania, Oman, Emirates and England.

According to Mehr news agency, cord blood stem cells of infants can be applied in treatment of more than 80 diseases particularly those with blood origins including thalassemia, blood cancers, immune system failure and congenital anemia.

Stating this fact that research is on the way to exploit other delivery products such as cord blood tissue, amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid, Dr.Zarrabi said that amniotic membrane can be applied as a bandage for burn or diabetic wounds and amniotic fluid is so helpful for cartilage hurts among athlets.

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