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The story of Mojtaba’s life is among those to be read not once; rather for a couple of times, reminding us that every cloud has a silver lining. Life compiles new story for us every day and turns into an immense fortune while we find ourselves deep down in misery. Mojtaba’s life is the one intermingled with misfortune but a miracle turned it into a great luck and happiness. What follows is the story of Mr.Abedi’s life, living in Iranshahr, Sistan and Bluchestan Province and parents who were not aware of being involved with Thalassemia minor prior to their first child birth. 

Mojtaba’s mother passed a healthy pregnancy period, being delighted to see her first baby. It was their first child and parents were counting down to see their first child birth which is the outcome of a pure love and nine months of burdening. They are going to stare at him as he grows up and make sweet memories of every single moment of his growth.
Nine-month expectation is over and Mojtaba is born in 2005. He looked so healthy during his first 3 months of birth but he got sick suddenly which made that sound baby so weak. This led the parents to have a consultation with a pediatrics which was followed by performing some medical tests. To their great disappointment, the test results revealed that the child is involved with Thalassemia major.   
Mojtaba’s father says:” I and my wife were not aware of being involved with Thalassemia minor and when we found out of our child sickness, we found ourselves in a chaos, full of distress. But we never lost our hope and did not stop trying all treatment methods.
He continues saying:” To find a treatment for Mojtaba, we went to Shariati Hospital to find appropriate stem cells for transplantation. Unfortunately, no bone marrow match was found among family and relatives or even in public bank. While Mojtaba was under medical supervision and treatment, my wife got pregnant again and Mojtaba’s sister was born in 2007. As per doctors’ suggestions, we proceeded with the steps required to save our daughter’s, Fatemeh Zahra, cord blood and on the date of her birth her cord blood was collected and sent to Royan Stem Cell Technology Company to be processed and cryopreserved. Being tested for further genetic tests, such as HLA Typing, we found out that this sample unit does not match with the ones of her brother and hence we donated it for further applications either in research or transplantations purposes. We were so worried as Mojtaba was deeply sick and he received blood platelets and we were always concerned with keeping him away from being infected with viruses.”  

Mojtaba’s second sister’s cord blood stem cells came to help his brother

Mojtaba’s father says:” We stayed hopeful through all these years. In 2016, our second daughter, Tahoura, was born. We saved her cord blood stem cells as well and this me t HLA Typing tests came with miracle. Tahoura’s HLA Typing was match 10/10 with the ones of his brother, Mojtaba.”
Finally, early in year 2017, Tahouraaa’s stem cells transplantation to her brother was performed and they were accepted with the host in full success, with no negative side effects by far.
In regard with Mojtaba’s new life, his father states:” He enjoys a great IQ following his school programs and lessons successfully as his peers. During his absence, he was taught remotely and he could pass all his courses.” 
Mojtaba is studying in grade 10 high school in natural science and is deeply fond of medical courses and subjects. He is going to study dentistry or nursing at university or maybe he applies other medical courses. He is following an ordinary life after transplantation in full health and he is not considered as a sick person any more.

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