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His father talks about the career through which his son suffered from cancer and his mother was the only person taking care of him while he went into convulsion due to high temperature and fever and his father was away on mission. Mr.Ghalandari, Mohammad’s father, and the family live in Bandar Abbass, Kuhestak Harbor.
Mohammad’s father states:” We have got 8 children, 6 boys and 2 girls. Mohammad is our fourth child. His health problem arose when he was 6 years old. He had fever at nights but not during the day. His gum had inflammation. In the hope of finding a cure to his illness, we went to Minab where he received so many tests but with no result to diagnose his illness. In full disappointment, we went to Bandar Abbass where doctors performed some more specific tests and found out that the rate of platelet in his blood is so low. He was hospitalized in Bandar Abbass for 3 days but doctors suggested we take him to Yazd in order to receive more medications and treatment.
He was hospitalized in oncology ward of Shahid Sadooghi Hospital in Yazd and some more tests were performed. Seeking for the results, I was told that his doctor will keep you updated more.
Chemotherapy couldn’t cope with the illness
He was ultimately diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) which is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes abnormal myeloblasts (a type of white blood cell), red blood cells, or platelets and chemotherapy was placed into the treatment order. Finding our son involved with such a painful disease was so torturing for us either while we were surrounded by all such misery doing nothing. He was hospitalized periodically and since late December of 2006 the treatment was started which took about 2 years. However, covering a two-year treatment phase, it was revealed that chemotherapy could not suppress disease and hence some more treatment methods and solutions should be applied.
As per doctors’ suggestions we took Mohammad to Shariati Hospital in Tehran where we were told that he should receive stem cell transplantation as the treatment to his disease. All family members performed bone marrow test to find a suitable donor but to our great disappointment none of us was found the proper match with the ones of Mohammad based on genetic criteria and thus we could not donate our stem cells.
We were told that another treatment solution to get him rid of such a distressing illness would be cord blood stem cells but in cord blood bank we found no sample to be match with the ones of Mohammad as well. There remained no solution but continuing chemotherapy treatment while in the meantime doctors were debating and baffling about performing the transplantation of Mohammd’s peripheral blood stem cells to himself. But destiny was compiling another story for our son.
Have faith to miracles …… 
We had two more children after Mohammad but to our misfortune, their blood samples were found mismatch with Mohammad’s blood. Once my wife was beside Mohammad at hospital, a nurse came to her asking if she was pregnant. My wife answered no but the nurse recommended she perform a pregnancy test because in case the test result would be positive it would be harmful for the fetus staying in this ward due to hazardous rays and diseases.
The child we were ignorant of
My wife took the nurse’s advice and the test result was positive; she was pregnant. Doctors advised mom cannot stay at hospital due to hazardous rays but they also suggested we bank the cord blood of coming baby. Perhaps the baby we were ignorant of his existence would be the savior of Mohammad.
I was in full doubt if the blood of the coming baby would be in full match with Mohammad’s but doctors told me how come it wouldn’t be.
Prior to the day of delivery, I proceeded with making required arrangements for saving the cord blood of coming baby and enrolled at Royan Stem Cell Technology Company where cryopreserved cord blood stem cells in Iran. AT the day of delivery, collecting technician was present and after collecting the cord blood, it was sent to the company. As per their comments, it took 3 weeks to prepare the HLA test results (Human Leukocyte Antigen) but Dr.Hamidiyeh, the head of treatment team was concerned about time shortage and stated that we should accelerate the treatment procedures. So the HLA test results came in a short time and to our great surprise and cheer, Mohammad and his brother were found in full match genetically.
 We were if deep faith to God and miracles and his mother prayed to God. Happiness and hope came back to our family and we were more optimist to future, waiting for much better days in horizon. Finding out about the HLA test result, we took Mohammad to Tehran and got him hospitalized at Shariati Hospital. The volume of Benyamin’s cord blood, Mohammad’s brother, was below standard rate and hence we had to apply for another cord blood unit. In other words, Mohammad had to receive a double cord blood unit for his treatment. We rented a house in Tehran for 6 months and had to stay there till the end of treatment procedures.
Mohammad defeated the toughest game of the life
It’s about 12 years after all those days of difficulties and misfortune. Our story child has grown up in full health and defeated the most difficult game that life and destiny has placed onto his way of life. In an interview with us, Mohammad stated: “I am studying at human science course in high school and is getting ready to participate in university entrance exam. I am deeply interested in football and the disease I suffered from previously does not cause any problem foe me at present. I am following all my school lessons and assignments and do sport activities just like my classmates and peers, and even better than them. My father is a fisherman and I sometimes help him and owes my life to him and praises all his endeavors.

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