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So far more than 150 cases of immune system failure in human has been reported. Chronic Granulomatous Disorder (CGD) is a life-threatening and life-limiting condition and is an inherited genetic disorder in which phagocytes (Immune system cells eating microbes and destroy them) are not able to are not able to fight against microbes and hence those get involved with CGD are prone to get infected with some kinds of infectious and bacterial diseases. This disease is ranked as the second among immune system failure in Iran. Accumulation of immune system cells in the spot of infection, inflammation which is called granuloma, long lasting infections resisting to treatment, prevalence of self-defense diseases and chronic malignant are among different symptoms of this disease. Knowing the clinical symptoms can be of great help in suppressing this disease. 
Ali was one of those children who got infected with this disease at the age of 4 and was hospitalized in infection unit at one of Pediatric Hospitals. Here comes Ali’s story as his mother states.
“Since he was 4 months, he got involved with infectious diseases and had got hospitalized for a couple of times. This was genetically inherited to Ali since his cousin who is 7 months older than Ali suffered from this problem. Ali was our first child and I took special care of him in full love, but as the result of this disease I felt so anxious, in full disappointment. Regardless deep care I paid to him, he got infected very other time and had to be hospitalized. As an ultimate solution, his physicians found the solution in transplantation of bone marrow stem cells. Yet, to our great disappointment we realized that there was no match to Ali’s in bone marrow.”

Every cloud has a silver lining and it turns to be fine while you are in deep sorrow.
“As we were struggling for Ali’s survival and health condition, I found that I was pregnant and worst of I all I was informed by doctors that this disease can be transferred to my second child, who was a girl, as well. Since there was a probability of 50% of transmission of this problem, we decided to abort it; however, Ali’s doctor was sort of optimist to this issue and believed that there is another chance of 5o% in which the placenta is healthy and hence its cord blood stem cells can be applied for Ali’s treatment and transplantation purpose. That was why we refrained from abortion. My daughter Aylin, who is a 2-year girl with shiny eyes, was born in full birth and had a gift for his brother; her cord blood. Sparks of excitement and joy filled up our souls hearing that Aylin’s cord blood was in full match with those of Ali’s. Our trust in God even grew up finding out that all Aylin’s microbiologic blood tests showed no infection and she was thoroughly healthy in all aspects. Having performed all required laboratory tests, Ali was hospitalized in Pediatrics Hospital where he received her sister’s cord blood. Following the transplantation, he took medications which are stopped now. He has received his health in full and goes to school and has shown more talent than his peers. Holding up the classes virtually, due mainly to COVID-19 pandemic, Ali follows all his lessons as other classmates.
I would like to write my name
Ali is in grade one primary school this year. COVID-19 pandemic has turned the whole world into a chaos but there is nothing for Ali to be worried about since, like all other students, he takes part in virtual classes and handles all his assignment. He is a healthy, happy and hopeful boy studying his lessons enthusiastically and wishes to learn alphabets as soon as possible to write his name by his own.
We asked Ali about his class and school and he replied: “I love school and studying too much but right now we cannot make our presence in classes right now and I have to follow my lessons and teachers’ instructions through laptops. But I like to play with my friends and I also like to learn alphabets so that I can write my name both in Persian and English.”
When we asked about the hospital, he said: “Being confined to hospital is a tough time. But I am strong and told other children in hospital to be strong and eat well and enough and do not afraid of anything.:
When grow up, Ali wishes to become a police to catch the thieves. This cute boy states:” I love my sister too much and would like her to be a teacher in future.” 

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