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This year event included foreign scientists and experts coming from countries such as USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, France and some more. There was also an exhibition held along this 3-day congress in which manufacturing companies and research centers exposed their latest products.

Royan Stem Cell Technology Company (RSCT) not only took part in this scientific event in the form of a delegation of experts but also had its stand in the exhibition providing the visitors and those who are interested in hematopoietic stem cells and other by-products of cord blood with the latest achievements made in this regard.

Such scientific arenas provide all experts and scientists with a fruitful atmosphere through which they can share their viewpoints on some scientific and technological issues and find out more on each other’s experiences.  The experts and scientists of RSCT also could exploit such a useful opportunity setting up some meetings with couple of foreign experts to share their own knowledge and experiences.

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