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This event, bringing researchers, scientists and experts of various fields concerned with reproductive Medicine and Stem Cell  together, provides a suitable field of information exchange in regard with the latest achievements made and RSCT enjoyed this opportunity to represents its latest progresses and services provided exploiting the potentials of cord blood stem cells.

There was also an exhibition along with this scientific conference in which Royan Stem Cell Technology Company held its stand providing and publicizing its services to all. Among various products represented through this stand, we can refer to some products and by-products derived from fetus and its related components including: biologic bandage produced from amniotic membrane applied in healing some acute wounds resulted from diabetes, burns type 2 & 3 and those created by pressure.  This product also accelerates the wound improvement in EB patients.

Cryopreserving peripheral blood is among other services provided by RSCT which can be used in treating patients suffering from: multiple Mioma, Hodgkin lymph, non-Hodgkin lymph, Aplastic Anemia, acute lymphoiedic Leukemia and so forth.

Laboratory services such as HLA and Flow Cytometry laboratories are listed among the most professional ones represented by Royan RSCT in wide range and variety.

This 3-day event came along with some cultural programs including Tehran sightseeing such as Milad Tower and a dinner ceremony at an Iranian Traditional restaurant hosted by Royan Stem Cell Technology Company during which all foreign guests could get familiar with some parts of Iran traditions and cuisine as well.

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