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According to the public relation of the company, the prevalence of terminal disease, such as various types of cancers, in recent century, it looked vital to make sort of new and vast investment on recent treatment methods, taking advantage of sources holding stem cells. That is why; Royan Stem Cell Technology Company has just opened new fields of activities concerned with isolating, cryopreserving and storing peripheral blood stem cells and bone marrow.

The preliminary steps for cryopreserving and storing of peripheral blood stem cells are as per the type of the disease and the diagnose method performed by the physician. In case, stem cells donor is derived the patient by himself/herself, it would be autologous transplantation; otherwise, it will be allogeneic one as the stem cells are derived from someone else.

The services to be provided by peripheral cord blood bank are:

  • Isolation and storage of peripheral cord blood cells
  • Isolation and storage of bone marrow

Applications of Peripheral Blood

Autologous transplantations taking advantage of peripheral blood stem cells is widely applied in curing cancers bearing high dose of chemotherapy treatment. This approach and method is not only applicable for blood cancers but also can it be of great help and use for solid tumors which are sensitive to chemotherapy including breast cancer and pulmonary tiny cancer cells. It has also been revealed that continuous injection of peripheral blood stem cells will enhance the effects of chemotherapy. Besides, autologous transplantation exploiting such cells is used in curing some other kinds of diseases such as Multiple Milluma, Hotchkin Lymph, Non-Hotchkin Lymph, acute Milloid Lucemia,  Neuroblastoma,Generating Tumors, and other types of auto-immune diseases.

Centers Enjoying Peripheral Blood Stem Cells Bank Services

 Right now,  among those centers enjoying and receiving such services provided by Royan, we can point to: transplantation center of Ayatollah Taleghani Hospital, Mahak Charity, Vali-e-Asr Hospital, Pediatrics Hospital, Mofid Hospital and Afzalipoor Hospital in Kerman. However, it should be stated here that representing such services nationwide is possible as well.

The History of Peripheral Blood Isolation and Cryopreservation

In 1979, for the first time peripheral blood stem cells were used to cure acute leukemia granulocyte patients (CGL).These cells were extracted at the preliminary stage of the disease and cryopreserved and were used in high dose along with the patient’s own peripheral blood stem cells (Autologous) when the patient was at its acute and terminal stage. The results revealed that the stem cells, circulating in human blood stream, are capable in proliferating blood producing system and caused this system to revive its function again.

Early in 2008, Royan Research Institute officially launched a project on peripheral blood stem cells cryopreserving to represent its services to the patients suffering from Multiple Milluma, Hotchkin Lymph, Non-Hotchkin Lymph, Aplastic Anemia, C-Form Cell Anemia and other types of auto-immune diseases and now such services are represented by Royan Stem Cell Technology Company.

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