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As per public relation, Royan Stem Cell Technology Company held its stand through this scientific event, introducing and representing its by-products derived from amniotic membrane by which many chronic wounds, such as the diabetic ones, can be healed. This product has also been found of great advantage in treating burn wounds grade 2 &3.

Mrs.Roksana Zavari, an expert in charge of this project, says:” Royan biologic bandage looks like to ordinary ones with biological advantages and can be easily applied like a Band-Aid by everyone.

Considering various applications of this biological product, she referred to Diabetic chronic wounds, burns types 2 & 3 which are caused by pressure and skin development in EB patients.

She also added:” One of the main and vast usages of this product is concerned with eye surgery and cornea. It is also very helpful in blood vessel surgery. This membrane can be very useful orthopedic disorders, tendon inflammation and foot sole.

Mohammad Reza Aref, the Head of Education and Research Commission in Parliament, visited Royan Stem Cell Technology Company, visiting the company stand, sought for treatment research trend and projects in the hand and admired the achievements made by Royan Stem Cell Technology Company by far.

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