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According to public relation, during this trip in which a delegation consisting of Iran Minister of Health, the deputies and some representatives of both government and private sector enterprises made their presence, some meetings were held with Mr.Oktay Shir Aliyof, his excellency of Azerbaijan Minister of Health, the deputies of this ministry, head of parliament health and treatment issue and also ministers of economy and social welfare.

Dr.Zarrabi, managing director of Royan Stem Cell Technology Company and the representative of ACECR was also in this delegation to represent the research, educational and scientific capabilities of this government based entity in the realm of infertility treatment, cord blood stem cells cryopreserving and bio banking. Considering the visit made 3 months ago and bilateral negotiations performed with Azerbaijan Ministry of Health and Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) and Azerbaijan Medical University, this recent one went on evaluating and focusing on the items already agreed on and ended in fruitful results. There is a serious effort on promoting the mutual cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan concerned with health issues to a great extent.

Managing Director of Royan Stem Cell Technology Company has also made separate meeting with Mr.Amiraslanov Ahliman Tapdig Oglu, Head of the Committee of Health of Milli Mejlis Academician, Recipient of the USSR State Prize, to discuss the scientific guidelines and steps to be taken for more collaboration.

Guidelines and approaches toward holding up scientific and executive collaboration between ACECR and ANAS

Through this meeting which included Head of the Committee of Health of Milli Majlisi Academician, Dr.Zarrabi, Managing Director of Royan Stem Cell Technology Company and Dr.Ghasemi, in charge of launching ACECR office in Azerbaijan, the capabilities of ACECR in regard with health, medicine and genetic were discussed. During this meeting Mr.Amiraslanov Ahliman Tapdig Oglu stated how pleased he is of such meetings and added: “Azerbaijan Government has always been interested in holding up mutual cooperation projects with Iran and the president emphasizes this fact as well. Pointing to thisd fact that they have decided to launch a cord blood bank in Baku and preliminary agreements and legal permissions have been issued from Azerbaijan Ministry of Health, he stated that to empower human resources, it is decided to dispatch some staff to some countries to get oriented with this field of medical science and technology and added:” visits have been made from the facilities in different countries including Germany, Turkey, Denmark, and some more. However, we strongly believe that Iran as the neighboring and Muslim country can surely support us to a large extent and in lower costs to set up a cord blood bank here in Baku.

He also expressed the eagerness on signing a Minute of Meeting between ANAS and ACECR so that the experts Azerbaijan Academy hold up visits to the research centers concerned with this field of science and activity and come to our final decision promptly.

Through this meeting, Dr.Zarrabi went on more details explaining Royan Research activities in regard with infertility treatment, cell therapy and cord blood stem cells cryopreserving, pointing to the success rate of infertility treatment success rate which is consistent with international rate. He also expressed the willingness to run scientific collaboration with the academy in near future.

He continued stating the close fruitful relationship existing between this center and hospitals in Iran and said:” Cord Blood cryopreserving is a fast growing industry all over the world and lots of transplantations applying cord blood stem cells have been made throughout the world to treat malignant with blood origin, saving many lives.

Dr.Zarrabi revealed that so far about 100,000 blood units have been banked with us out of which some samples have been released to treat diseases with blood or neurological origins. Bringing such experiences into considerations, we are ready to provide our services in Azerbaijan through Royan Stem Cell Technology Company and Royan Research Institute and ACECR as the top of all.

Dr.Ghassemi, pointing to the ACECR potentials and its serious intention in launching such projects in Azerbaijan stated that:” During last years a center has been purchased and equipped by ACECR and a person has been appointed to this center to follow up required issues. Participating in Azerbaijan oil and gas exhibition in its full extent, ACECR has received honor of the President Elham Aliyov. There have also been made many Minutes of Meetings between Elm-O-Farhang University and Baku Khazar University and lots of meetings have been set up between the managers and experts of educational systems and oil and gas and power plants of both sides. Such meetings have revealed the potentials of ACECR in great details for their Azerbaijan counterparts.

Mr.Orhan Issayov, one of the most famous professors of Azerbaijan, was also present in this meeting. Remarking the successful achievements made by Royan and its departments globally, he emphasized that holding up mutual cooperation and collaboration between two sides will be so constructive and helpful for the development of Azerbaijan. He also expressed that the existence of Royan in a Iran as a Muslim and neighboring country should be considered as a fortune.

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