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For the first time, World Cord Blood Day was celebrated all around the world on 15th, November, 2017. Placing this motto; ”Knowledge is power and can save a life”, as their main target, the priority this event was seeking for to put into effect was “Public Awareness’ and “Exchange of knowledge and experiences” among all  scientists and experts concerned with this realm of science and technology.
This event was sponsored and organized by Save the Cord Foundation, World Cord Blood Day is officially sponsored by Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics (www.quickhealthcare.aero), a recognized leader in medical shipping and logistics. Inspiring Partners for this inaugural event include the Cord Blood Association, Be the Match (NMDP), World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA – Netcord), AABB and FACT. As Inspiring Partners, these organizations will provide industry-specific and medical expertise. 
It was also enjoyed a virtual webinar through which scientists of various countries represented their latest achievements among whom we can mark Dr. Éliane Gluckman, Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg, Sharon Miller, Dr. Filippo Milano, Dr. Colleen Delaney, Dr. Maria Craig and Dr. Wise Young.
Royan Stem Cell Technology Company, along with other centers celebrated this global event and held a news conference inviting reporters and journalists and the meeting was broadcasted live all around the world.
During this news conference, Dr.Morteza Zarrabi, Managing Director of Royan Stem Cell Technology Company, referring to the history of cord blood banking and transplantation made so far by cord blood stem cells, explained about various types of diseases which can be cured by cord blood stem cells and some more which are still under the trial phase.
Taking this opportunity, Dr.Zarrabi revealed this fact that there still are parents who seem do not know about the advantages of cord blood stem cells or have got a misunderstanding on the collection, storage and application of such helpful cells and that is why these cells are called “Hidden Treasure”.
Royan Cord Blood Stem Cells is going to run a second round ceremony inviting national experts involved with cord blood stem cells and transplantation issues in near future as well.  

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