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Royan Stem Cell Technology Company held its 5th Annual Gathering, here on 20th, Oct, 2016, in Hamedan. According to the company public Relation, the company representatives from all over the country, 27 offices nationwide, made their presence in this year gathering.

Considering the 10 years of experiences Royan Stem Cell Technology Company has achieved in collecting, sorting and storing the cord blood stem cells and its identity as the sole identity and successful enterprise providing services concerned with cord blood saving with a registry of about 65 thousands of cord blood samples in its private bank and the development an efficiency it has got through its offices, Royan Stem Cell technology Company has made great achievements in public health promotion and tackling untreatable and fatal diseases by means of applying cord blood stem cells which is among one of the key targets of the company since the beginning which was emphasized during this gathering once more.

Through this event, Mr.Ashkan Mozdgir, the head of R&D Department of Company pointed to some statistical data stating that there has been a raise of about %25 in the contracts made catching up to 7028 contracts during the first half of the year comparing with last year. Referring to this fact that there are more than 10 to 15 million cells in each Ml of blood, he also added that there has been an increase of about 155ML of samples collected in the current year compared to the previous years which will lead to an increase in cell count up to 150 to 225 million cells. Low rate of infected samples collected, taking part in number of conferences and exhibitions and holding up training courses in Royan summer school were among other activities performed by Royan Stem Cell Technology Company.

One part of this gathering went on introducing te most active centers and representatives among which the centers from Isfahan. Alborz and Khoramabad were nominated as the most active ones. Further, Ms.Saei was nominated as the best cord blood sample collector recording more than 430 samples during last year.

Based on the criteria set with the company, there have been other cord blood samples collectors from other offices and branches who were selected as the best ones as well.

Table of honors and rewards went on to the best representatives, blood collectors and other staff during this year gathering, and the view points and suggestions of the representatives and authorities were also brought up, changing their experiences to cope with probable barriers may raise in future.

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