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Throughout the centuries, there have been men and women whose thoughts, actions and behaviors were considered unique and have left deep impacts on their nations and the ones following them. Among them, Imam Ali is the one who carries all positive and influencing characteristics together. The one, who showed generosity to the poor and orphans, was courage at the time of danger and expressed sympathy with the oppressed.

That is why once a year, Muslims all around the world commemorate the birthday of this great man, celebrate and hold various meetings to share their joy and happiness with the others. On the occasion of such a cheerful event, the day is called “The Father’s Day” and family members show deep respect to the grandpas and fathers through representing them some gifts and holding family reunions.

We, at Royan Stem Cell Technology, also threw a party with our colleagues and shared some time of joy and happiness with our colleagues. During the ceremony, the managing director of the company made a lecture on the topic and there was even a contest of narrating the best paragraph about “Father” and the winners received their prizes at the end of the ceremony.

Following that, a cake was shared among all staff to end the ceremony with a sweet memory, wishing each other success and happiness.

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