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               End of the year always means lots of backlogs and you find time too cramped to handle all of them in ease. However, at times you can spot some time to share your joy with your partners and colleagues, spreading out the feelings of delight and happiness. This came into existence when the End-of-Year Ceremony was held in Royan Stem Cell Technology Company in Kowsar Gathering Hall at the site of the company.

              The ceremony was started with reading verses of Holy Koran and continued with the speech made by Dr.Zarrabi, Managing Director of the company, who expressed his great honor to the endeavor made by the all staff throughout the year.  Pointing to the achievements made during the last year and hurdles cleared on the way toward such achievements, he confessed that such a progress and development can be put into effect in the light of mere comprehensive team work and collaboration. He also remarked the targets set ahead the company for the coming year. Following his speech, he wished the best for all staff to enjoy a safe and sound year ahead.

           During this ceremony, Mr.Shirvani, an expert in theology, also was invited who represented a speech on the attitudes religions have got toward Spring and the relationship between this season and human nature. Farther, he remarked the secrets of the creation and the story falls beyond the creation of the human being and nature reviving in Spring. At the end of the ceremony, gift packages were distributed among the staff which made the happiness of the whole participants much more than before.

          Though, it was the last working day in Royan Stem Cell Technology Company, but some staff have to stay at work on different working shifts due to the nature of their position.

          Taking this opportunity, we, at Royan Stem Cell Technology Company, would hereby like to express out the best wishes for all our counterparts, clients and our compatriots all around the world.



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