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The First ECO Confobition on Health and Tourism

       ECO State members held the first Confobition (Conference and Exhibition) on health and tourism here in Iran, Mazandaran Province, Ramsar, on 18-20 August, 2014. This 3-day conference and exhibition attracted participants of different medical and research universities, travel agencies, folkloric handicraft manufacturers and those who are interested and involved in this field of industry either directly or indirectly. Lectures were made during the conference panels through which the lecturers brought the health tourism industry under focus of attention of various aspects. The main points of concern fell on the advantages of health tourism, the future perspective and potential barriers to be overcome.

       Royan Institute and Royan Cord Blood Bank also attended this confobition and held their stand during the exhibition. Further, lectures were made by Dr.Zarrabi, managing director of Cord Blood Bank CO; concerned with achievements made in Royan Institute and Cord Blood Bank and the infrastructures created and available in these two companies to collaborate with all ECO State Members so that all members can draw benefit of the potentials in hand and improve health Tourism conditions among all ECO State Members. One of the points brought up with DR.Zarrabi, was concerned with the efforts made in regard with health tourism development whereas all of them were in vain so far, due mainly to this fact they all appear with lack of coalition and consensus. Hence holding such conferences and gatherings will be of great advantage for all member states to bring their mutual goals and purposes on the right track.

     The second lecture was made by Mr.Masoud Sadeh Del who approached health tourism industry according to various market segmentation and represented methods to achieve a suitable solution for market segmentation.

       Royan Institute and Royan Cord Blood Bank declared to welcome all suggestions and recommendations on holding and running health/medical tourism projects to be held in all ECO State Members.



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