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  This motto is well known by those who are familiar with literature, as it was the belief and of “The Three Musketeers” who fought for humanity and equity. Those who didn’t take the world for granted and were symbols of freedom, kind-hearted and generosity.

      Such a soul can be touched throughout our company as well since, we at Royan Stem Cell Technology Company move heaven and earth to keep it alive in good faith and do our utmost to put such a faith into act.

      End of the year means lots of backlogs to be done and putting an end to all or almost most of them. No doubt, we are not an exception and find ourselves in a short of time and cramped conditions with pile of duties supposed to be over. But even under such intermingled circumstances, we can find spare time to enjoy ourselves even at a lunch table.

     It was something happened here in our company as we are approaching the end of the year and we take advantage of every single moment to share some joyful time with our colleagues in a cosy condition.

   In the meantime, as the previous years, the End-of-Year Ceremony was held at Royan Stem Cell Technology, Kowsar Gathering hall through which all company staff came together once more. During the ceremony Dr.Zarrabi, Managing Director of the Company, represented a lecture bringing up some points in regard with the triumphs and achievements made through the last year. He also pointed to the failures and deficits we faced on our way and considered them as the lessons to be kept in mind so that we turn them into advantages and a bridge toward future development. Ayatollah Gholamy was also present in this ceremony and made a speech about some ethical issues and the facts to be observed as we start the New Year. At the end, the staff were entertained with pastries and drinks and received their gifts provided by the company. 

   We all know that the path before us toward development and success would not be that easy and smooth as some may think. We know barriers may rise ironically every other day causing a new challenge and we have experienced deep griefs in parts of our careers, but we take them as fire glazing our spirit and the ladders to be climbed up to bring our dreams into truth.




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