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He had suffered Chemo-Therapy for a couple of times, but each time the disease relapsed after a short while. To save his life, the experts reached to this consensus that Stem Cells Transplantation would be the only solution and of course, the most reasonable one.

       Amir Hossein has got two more siblings whose bone marrows were not matched with the one of Amir Hossein, while the stem cells of his younger brother, Amir Taha, whose cord blood was saved in Royan Stem Cell Technology Company, saved his life because it was completely matched with the ones of Amir Hossein, up to %100.

      In the dim light of Amir Hossein’s life, Cord Blood Stem Cells appeared as the early dawn and opened new horizon to his future life. Now he has got new hope and is making plans for his new life. He wishes to become an engineer in oil and gas industry and serve his country.

      We know there are lots more young boys and girls just like Amir Hossein and we find ourselves accountable to them and to the whole human communities as well. We are keen on this principle and move heaven and earth to put it into effect and bring all people’s hope into existence.

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